Crucial online PAN card services through UTIITSL provisions

With the Permanent Account Number or the PAN card at hand, several financial and banking services become easy to avail. Even though majority of the population carry one, few are aware of the real benefit it serves. It is meant for national identification and for those who are income tax payers. The Indian Income Tax Act of 1961 made the PAN mandatory. There are 10 characters of letters and numbers amalgamated to make it unique for every holder.

Now with changing times, issuance of the PAN Card has become easier and smoother. With the help of UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited, which is government owned, you can now avail everything from online applications to tracking the uti pan card status of your processed PAN application. UTIITSL offers diverse facilities related to issuance of the identification number and everything else related to it.


Specialized digital services

The online portal of UTIITSL has major facilities lined for those who are first time issuers and even those who need to make changes of any wrong data or update any existing information. There are four major procedures and options available. You can make an application for the PAN card being an Indian citizen and even an NRI. Those who are foreign residents can do the same through the online platform. You can make any changes and even follow the uti pan card status to get information on the delivery status of the card. Through these services, all your concerns will be addressed and fulfilled without you requiring any external or third party support.

Issuance of the card requires a monetary fee and that too will be informed to you. It will be separate depending on the option you have chosen. With each alternative, you will be guided to a number of steps that you have to undertake in order to fulfill the procedure.

Tracking delivery

When you have applied for the PAN card, there is a certain coupon or application number you are bound to receive. This will help you in future to track the uti pan card status. You can download the blank form from the portal and after you have completed filling details, make sure to have submitted it in any of the offices mentioned in the UTIITSL portal. Knowing the status of the pan card is necessary on a number of points. When you have applied for one, with tracking you can check out for its delivery options and how far it has reached. If the hard copy of the card is on its way, you are sure to be informed about it through the online status. Even your Pan verification can be done through the portal or click here for more details

With the assistance of UTIITSL government services, online facilities regarding all PAN card issues are solved and taken care of.